Blooming Bookmarks come with a detachable Blooming Adornment.  Five styles of adornments and four cards are available.  The adornment can be removed and planted creating a lasting tribute for a beloved pet.  The bookmarks are printed with the "Rainbow Bridge" verse relating especially to pets.  The bookmarks may be imprinted with your firm's name.  Please specify bookmark color and adornment style when ordering. 8 1/2" x 2 3/4"

Adornment Styles
BP-ADB - Bone / BP-ADC - Cat / BP-ADP - Paw / BP-ADH - Heart / BP-ADF - Butterfly
Bookmark Colors
BPB-IV - Ivory / BPB-WH - White / BPB-SA - Sage / BPB-BL - Bluestone